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05 boulevard c50

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Some help would be appreciated. 05 boulevard c50. Did a main wire harness replacement over a stripped and frayed harness. I looked over the harness before install and everything hooked up great however at the very end when finishing up the last of the harness in the headlight bowl I seen that i looked over 1 plug being different out of the entire harness for the left handlebar turn signal/brights/horn/pass controller. The new harness has a 6 hole plug with only 5 wires and what looks to be a blinker relay when the original harness and handle bar control plug has a large yellow 11 wire plug. Which im seeing online to be the common. Old harness also doesnt have the blue flasher relay at the end of the harness lile the new one. EVERY OTHER PLUG on this harness throughout the bike fit with no issues. Just the blinker controller plug is an issue. Do i have any options before ripping harness back out. again and ordering a new one? Can i cut in a 5 wire plug to fit the new harness or the original 10 wire plug from my old harness in replacement for the new plug? The bike is pretty bare and battery is out so i cant put a meter to the wires. I know the smart thing to do is rip harness back out but id really like to avoid that. PICS BELOW OF THE 2 DIFFERENT PLUGS AND RELAY ON NEW HARNESS VS THE YELLOW PLUG WITHOUT RELAY ON OLD HARNESS AND CONTROL
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