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02 vl800 front break locks up

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My 02 vl800 after a short ride on 2 different rides now the front break got extremely hot without any use appon trying to turn into my drive front break locks down completely and won't disengage until I release pressure from bleeder valve both times the ride was less than 10 min bike starts to feel like it's losing power then boom locked up won't move at all this last time I released the pressure on the valve it was so hot it was spitting mist please help
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Welcome from Kennesaw GA!

I'm thinking it sounds like the piston may be sticking. I'd probably change the caliper, with new pads and rotor, along with a brake fluid change and system bleed.

I'm not positive on that though, so hang out a bit and let's see what other opinions come up.
I'd change the rubber hose going to the caliper, I've never seen it happen on a bike but many times in cars the inside of the house breaks down creating a one way valve like situation were the fluid can't release the pressure. In my experience this is the more likely cause if opening the bleeder to relieve the pressure works. If the piston was stuck relieving the pressure won't help it would still be locked down. Also if the wrong brake fluid was used it can cause the seals to swell and possibly causing numerous problems in which case I'd change out everything from the reservoir down. I have an 03 that's in the begining stages of the same problem and have noticed sometimes it seems like something is holding it back. The hose should be easy enough to check while you have it torn down, hole this helps.
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Thanks guys I rebuilt the caliper completely no longer locking up but seems to be the plunger behind the lever its not pushing fluid like it should but since the caliper rebuild its taking off so mush smoother new fluid res and lever on the way thanks for the help would anyone know where to get a speedo replacement for a decent price or an aftermarket replacement that would work
there are no aftermarket speedo options. OEM only, look on Ebay.
would anyone know where to get a speedo replacement for a decent price or an aftermarket replacement that would work
Is it just that the speedo isn't working or you want something different? There is a carbon rotor inside the front wheel hub that drives the speedo that I had fail on me multiple times. it's easy to break removing and installing the front wheel (think new tread install) or just.... breaks :) It's cheap and easy to fix.
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The speedo doesn't work and the information panel is blacked out when u plug the speedo in it jumps up like it's working but don't move when riding
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