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  1. Swap Meet
    Looking for a few upgrades for my 07 c50. I've got stock seat and exhaust if anybody wants to swap. I've been riding more and would like the comfort of a good seat that someone might be parting with. Also looking for an aftermarket exhaust. Also in need of a fuel programmer since I just added...
  2. Vendors and Accessories
    Hey again, it seems an ultimate seat has come up for sale near me and I've been considering swapping out the OEM seat after reading how much people hate it. I was wondering if anyone has both the rider and passenger ultimate seats and has any opinion on them? Also, the passenger seat seems quite...
  3. Custom Mods
    I'm trying to turn my '06 C50 that I did the BlueCollarBobbers mod to (single springer seat, chopped back fender, see pic) into a two-seater. I did the springer seat when I was single, and now the wife wants to ride with me :D. I want to convert to a cafe-racer style caterpillar seat (pic...
  4. Swap Meet
    Seat is in excellent condition as bike was stored indoors and only used for a couple thousand miles. Rear passenger seat was rarely used at all. Includes mounting bracket. BIKE FITMENT (according to MUSTANG website): • SUZUKI Boulevard C50/C50T (All Model Years, 2005-2019) • SUZUKI Volusia 800...
  5. Custom Mods
    Hey fellow volusites, I've recently completed a modification to the seat on my 2006 M50 that I'd like to share with you. A few people have dubbed this mod the "lumpectomy" or "homeboy" mod, but essentially it just saves your tailbone from crying for mercy about 30 minutes into the ride. When I...
  6. Swap Meet
    Looking to buy a OEM gel seat if anyone has one available. On the Suzuki Oneida site the shipping is pretty outrageous so looking for a better deal if it’s out there. Let me know whatcha got!
1-6 of 6 Results