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  1. Custom Mods
    Have a 2008 boulevard c90t has about 30000 miles on looking for riser bushings but all I can find is oem rubber ones. Anyone know of any poly bushings or aluminum ones? Searched a bunch of forums can't find anything on it thanks for the help.
  2. N00be Questions
    Hey team. New the the forum from Down under! I want to put 5" risers in the forward position on the 2013 C50t ( I'm 6'3 and have super long arms..) I'll be keeping standard bars. Will I have any problem with standard cabling? Cheers, 😎
  3. N00be Questions
    I recently bought some mini apes but didn't pay attention to the clamp diameter which is 1 1/4. The stock risers on my 06 C50 are for 1". Can someone please recommend me 1 1/4 risers that will fit!? I'm currently out of a bike
1-3 of 3 Results