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  1. HELP!
    Everything was fine when put away for winter. Would not start in spring. It would fire with fuel shot into carb,. pulled carb put in new diaphragm and kit .Vacuum fuel pump I thought worked poorly. Temporarily used 1-2 psi electric to test. Now fires and runs with new plugs Old plugs looked...
  2. HELP!
    Took a really long drive. Like hella long from Boston to Philly and back. About half way stopped to my get gas. Turned the key. Got the lights. Put up the kick stand. Put the kill switch to on. Listened to it spin up the fuel pump. Depressed clutch. Hit the ignition…nothing. Like absolutely no...
  3. HELP!
    Hello Everybody, New to the group. lost keys to 2002 Volusia Intruder 800. Thinking of getting new ignition w/ fuel door on ebay. What is the procedure o pull the ignition barrel ? Just want to get it right, Worked on my own Harleys, never a volusia. Dealer wants 200 60 on ebay and amazon with...
1-3 of 3 Results