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  1. N00be Questions
    On the right handle bar, the bolt at the very end is extremely loose (bolt that holds the balancer weight, etc . See photos. I am not a not able to tighten it. My guess is that it is not “catching” the nut. Any suggestions?
  2. N00be Questions
    Hey team. New the the forum from Down under! I want to put 5" risers in the forward position on the 2013 C50t ( I'm 6'3 and have super long arms..) I'll be keeping standard bars. Will I have any problem with standard cabling? Cheers, 😎
  3. N00be Questions
    Hey everyone, I have a 2002 Volusia and want to add some different bars but if I search for Suzuki Volusia handlebars they’re outrageous but other bars that are 1” and made for risers 3 1/2 inches apart are a lot cheaper. So I’m wondering will any 1” bar spread 3 1/2 work for my bike?
1-3 of 3 Results