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  1. HELP!
    Hello Everyone, I have an 06 Suzuki boulevard c50, fuel injected, has sat with occasional start up since 2014 I have been having issues where when I maintain low throttle is surges but when I use more throttle it bogs down almost as if it is gonna shut off but doesn't. I have replaced the...
  2. N00be Questions
    Hi everyone, new Rider and Boulevard M50 Owner. Just bought a 2007 Boulevard M50 with 9k miles on it. Previous owner I purchased from says there was rust in the tank but he flushed it out with Rust cleaner(something along those lines, octane boost in gas while riding) Says there is a fuel...
  3. Jets, Injectors and Pipes
    Hello I just bought a 2006 Suzuki C50T it was probably sitting for around a year the guy said he started it every week but didn’t ride it. Well anyways there was gas in the oil and I figured it was from it sitting there, I got a oil change done and I’m pretty sure more gas has gotten into the...
1-3 of 3 Results