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  1. Custom Mods
    doing my first motorcyxle customizations any sugestions will be apriciated. doing body work for olive drab paint color. with chrome and leather dont know a frame color yet but running white walls.
  2. Motors, Transmissions & Drives
    Hi All. This is to repay my debt to this forum. I have been a longtime lurker and learned a lot about my bike and the mods possible for it. I bought this 2007 VZ800 M50 in 2017. It had been sitting for years. I gently brought her back to life slowly over a period of two weeks. Then I added...
  3. HELP!
    Whats up everyone, looking for some guidance! I bought Cobra Streetrod Slashdown pipes and it has holes for O2 sensors and Im looking to seal them up without just welding them shut. Does anybody know what size plug to get or where to get them. Ive been searching for a little while now and some...
  4. Jets, Injectors and Pipes
    Hello I just bought a 2006 Suzuki C50T it was probably sitting for around a year the guy said he started it every week but didn’t ride it. Well anyways there was gas in the oil and I figured it was from it sitting there, I got a oil change done and I’m pretty sure more gas has gotten into the...
  5. HELP!
    Hi all, I got home from a 30 min ride yesterday and found that the exhaust from my rear jug is a ton louder than the exhaust from the front jug. I covered the rear jug exhaust(top) with my hand and instantly all sound became muffled and I could really feel the pressure of the exhaust pushing...
  6. Swap Meet
    Recently purchased my 06 Blvd C50 and it came with Hard Krome American Classic II exhaust system. Looking to sell it so I can buy a windshield for my bike. They're in good shape, couple of spots where it mounts and next to the motor. (see pictures) Hoping to get $300 from them. Thanks!
  7. Swap Meet
    Looking to buy Cobra Streetrods (straight cut preferred). Shopping for new ones but figured I try out here to see if anyone is looking to sell their used pipes. I am willing to swap with my OEM pipes as well. They have about 8k miles on them and in mint condition.
1-7 of 7 Results