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  1. HELP!
    So 2 days ago my bike started acting funny, 108 degrees out side, started my ride fine went 27 miles 2 hours later I start the bike and within a mile it starts bucking me around in 1st gear rpms going up and down and struggling to accelerate. I limped the bike home in 3rd gear around 30-40mph. I...
  2. HELP!
    I own a 2006 VL800 C800 with only 12,000 miles . Crankshaft and 1 piston ruined . I have Cobra Power command unit , Cobra pipes and Hypercharger. All professionally fitted 3 years ago. I have been quoted €2000 + to repair . I have found a 2008 used engine in USA and can have it exported to me...
1-2 of 2 Results