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  1. Motors, Transmissions & Drives
    I finished installing the DJ mod 2 days ago on an 06 C50. Drilling out the 3 holes was a huge pain in the you know what. One of the hardest most frustrating things I've ever done mechanically. Drilling / filing of the holes is the only part of the process that's not precise. I started off with...
  2. Motors, Transmissions & Drives
    Hey all, I’ve been looking to find one for sale and have had no luck. I also looked into making one however I don’t believe I have the skill level to do so. Thanks for stopping by!
  3. Motors, Transmissions & Drives
    Doing the DJ Mod on an 06 C50. I read the instructions several times but I have a question if anyone knows please. I'm going to modify my current C50 drive shaft. Once the 3/16 is trimmed from the end, does it need to be rounded slightly like the original? See pic attached. Also, I live in...
  4. Motors, Transmissions & Drives
    Hi All. This is to repay my debt to this forum. I have been a longtime lurker and learned a lot about my bike and the mods possible for it. I bought this 2007 VZ800 M50 in 2017. It had been sitting for years. I gently brought her back to life slowly over a period of two weeks. Then I added...
1-4 of 4 Results