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  1. HELP!
    So It ran fine until last night. It wouldn't start at all. with or without choke. I finally got it to start but it was pouring out black smoke and has no power. So I checked the plugs-BLACK! Installed new plugs and decided to start looking at every possibility to find the problem: Vacuum fuel...
  2. Swap Meet
    Hello All, I recently acquired a 2004 Volusia that has been sitting for a few years but ran before being idle. I removed the carburetor to clean and rebuild but unfortunately all of the internal brass screws were completely seized up. I broke an extractor bit off inside one of the funnel screw...
  3. Swap Meet
    I have a 2004 vl800 im rebuilding and when I disassembled the carb to clean and put new jets in I noticed a crack in the casting. Not sure if its affecting my fuel issue but I saw they were discontinued and haven't been able to source one any where else.
  4. Jets, Injectors and Pipes
    I have an 04’ Volusia, everything stock except I cut the baffles out. I love the way it sounds but I do know it runs a little lean. I burn through plugs quickly & it will backfire out the carb sometimes. But since it is liquid cooled, is it really doing that much damage to the engine?
1-4 of 4 Results