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  1. HELP!
    Hey guys I a C50 here that is backfiring like crazy and is extremely loud. She has almost no power under load and looks like she burned up the back cylinder spark plug. The back cylinder exhaust is where you can feel the backfiring even while in neutral. If you twist the throttle back on forth...
  2. Swap Meet
    I'm looking for regular final drive to replaced the one on my 2008 C50.
  3. Swap Meet
    So, I upgraded my stock seat to a Mustang seat which has been awesome. Now I have the stock front and passenger seat and I don’t know what to do with them. Anybody here interested? The seats are in good condition, no tears, rips, bare spots or anything like that. I can take some pictures...
  4. General Motorcycle Discussion
    I’m going on a 9 month deployment, the bike will be stored in the garage. Should I get a trickle charger or disconnect the battery?
  5. HELP!
    I need to test and replace the voltage regulator/rectifier as the bike keeps blowing fuses on increased throttle. I have looked everywhere for the rectifier. Where is the rectifier located? I have about every panel removed from the bike and cannot identify the location.
  6. Stories From the Road
    Fall is upon us...
  7. Motorcycle Safety
    I found this nail in my tread before heading home from work today. Pulled it straight out with pliers and it looks like it only gouged the rubber a little. Any precautions I should take?
  8. HELP!
    Can anyone help me figure out what this switch is for? The dealer I got it from thought it might be a seat warmer but that’s not the case. Just curious.
  9. HELP!
    Hello! My C800 MY2007 uses YTX-12-BS 12V 10Ah as a stock battery. I'd like to replace it with a different one with as many Amp hours as possible while still having it located under the seat like a default one. Do you have any experience of yours which battery is the biggest one (by big I mean...
  10. Swap Meet
    Wassup guys. I picked up a Mustang seat locally hoping I could use some ******* engineering and get it to fit on my 650 VStar. No such luck. I did not damage or tweak or anything. Just a quick test fit, and saw it would be too major. So instead of effing up a gorgeous seat, let someone else get...
  11. General Motorcycle Discussion
    As I mentioned in my New Member introduction, I inherited a rather poorly stored C50 from my father which I've recently begun to repair. I've already replaced the starter and battery, and still need to put in a new fuel pump assembly and fuel gauge. I thought I was going to have an issue getting...
  12. Custom Mods
    Im trying to make my 2005 c50 run on tubeless tires and saw the c90 has tubeless tires. Would i be able to just swap on some tires from a c90 onto my c50? Or would i have to do some more complicated modification?
  13. Vendors and Accessories
    So my c90t boulevard needs a replacement windshield, and I cannot seem to source JUST a replacement glass, so I'm debating on snagging one from a c50, matching up the holes, drill an extra 2-4 if need be, and install hardware again. Will this be okay? my dimensions were 19x22 with a 9 inch...
  14. Custom Mods
    I recently bought a 2005 boulevard c50 and I'm wanting to install a forward facing air intake but i can't seem to find an adapter or method of attaching any intakes without an adapter. I've seen a few c50's with intakes done but no source for the adapters. Any ideas?
  15. Custom Mods
    Hello all, this is my first post here at the forum. I have been lurking a while but wanted to share a video of how i converted my headlight to a HogWorkz Daymaker. I got the general idea for using a jeep headlight mounting ring from another forum member's post (sorry don't remember who, its...
  16. Rider Down
    Well, tonight was my turn... It just stopped raining, I was going about 25 mph on highway in slow moving traffic and preparing to change lanes. I took a quick glance over my left shoulder, looked back to the front, and saw a van in front of me stop abruptly. Normal scenario on highways and I’ve...
1-19 of 19 Results