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  1. Vendors and Accessories
    What handle bars would you guys recommend that are more narrow and easier to lane split with? I feel like I would be able to maneuver a lot better.
  2. New Member Introductions
    new here. Here’s my bike.
  3. Swap Meet
    Suzuki C50 OEM engine guards. These came off a 2005 C50, the prior owner said he put them on last year. I just removed them and added larger highway bars so I can fit pegs to them and stretch out. I also wanted to try soft lowers to block the cold a little. They are in great condition. They...
  4. HELP!
    Hello everyone! I've been experiencing some annoying issues on my C800 Intruder for a longer period of time than I'd like to. I'm not going into details right now but I'd like to get an answer for this question: What will happen if I replace FI Control Unit coded 41F00 (that I have on my Suzuki...
  5. Swap Meet
    BAIONE Staggered Shortshots Full Exhaust Pipe Kit Silencer Mufflers Pipe Replacement for Suzuki Boulevard C50 C50T Boss Classic 2005-2021 M50 2005-2017(Black)
  6. Custom Mods
    I know the usual thing is to go with harley hard bags but im more of a curves type guy. Has anyone tried putting on a set of victory cross road bags or similar? Remember fat bottoms make the world go round.
  7. HELP!
    Hey guys and girls, I noticed the other night that my bike had a bit of trouble starting up as usual. I started it up the first time just fine but then I killed it and went to turn it on the second time, which took some noticeable effort to get the bike going. Fast forward to this morning, I...
  8. HELP!
    There seems to be a coolant leak in between the cylinder heads that leaks over to the left side of the bike when on the side stand. Any idea where this may be coming from? Also, when answering, keep in mind that I don't have very much experience in maintaining bikes so please keep it simple...
  9. HELP!
    Forgive me if I am posting this in the wrong spot, I just am in a bit of a pickle and this is my first post. So last week I had apes put on my 09 C50T, and new cables were ran. The night I picked it up it the FI light started popping on. It now will come one when I start to decelerate without...
  10. HELP!
    Hey guys I a C50 here that is backfiring like crazy and is extremely loud. She has almost no power under load and looks like she burned up the back cylinder spark plug. The back cylinder exhaust is where you can feel the backfiring even while in neutral. If you twist the throttle back on forth...
  11. Swap Meet
    I'm looking for regular final drive to replaced the one on my 2008 C50.
  12. Swap Meet
    So, I upgraded my stock seat to a Mustang seat which has been awesome. Now I have the stock front and passenger seat and I don’t know what to do with them. Anybody here interested? The seats are in good condition, no tears, rips, bare spots or anything like that. I can take some pictures...
  13. General Motorcycle Discussion
    I’m going on a 9 month deployment, the bike will be stored in the garage. Should I get a trickle charger or disconnect the battery?
  14. HELP!
    I need to test and replace the voltage regulator/rectifier as the bike keeps blowing fuses on increased throttle. I have looked everywhere for the rectifier. Where is the rectifier located? I have about every panel removed from the bike and cannot identify the location.
  15. Motorcycle Safety
    I found this nail in my tread before heading home from work today. Pulled it straight out with pliers and it looks like it only gouged the rubber a little. Any precautions I should take?
  16. HELP!
    Can anyone help me figure out what this switch is for? The dealer I got it from thought it might be a seat warmer but that’s not the case. Just curious.
  17. HELP!
    Hello! My C800 MY2007 uses YTX-12-BS 12V 10Ah as a stock battery. I'd like to replace it with a different one with as many Amp hours as possible while still having it located under the seat like a default one. Do you have any experience of yours which battery is the biggest one (by big I mean...
  18. Swap Meet
    Wassup guys. I picked up a Mustang seat locally hoping I could use some ******* engineering and get it to fit on my 650 VStar. No such luck. I did not damage or tweak or anything. Just a quick test fit, and saw it would be too major. So instead of effing up a gorgeous seat, let someone else get...
  19. General Motorcycle Discussion
    As I mentioned in my New Member introduction, I inherited a rather poorly stored C50 from my father which I've recently begun to repair. I've already replaced the starter and battery, and still need to put in a new fuel pump assembly and fuel gauge. I thought I was going to have an issue getting...
1-20 of 28 Results