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  1. HELP!
    Hello all, I am new to this group and I have a 2018 boulevard c90 boss and was wondering what would be the biggest rear tire that I can fit on my bike without any mods or changes, I know that the c90 from 2013 to current are all the same built wise so anyone that has some info would be greatly...
  2. Swap Meet
    Seat is in excellent condition as bike was stored indoors and only used for a couple thousand miles. Rear passenger seat was rarely used at all. Includes mounting bracket. BIKE FITMENT (according to MUSTANG website): • SUZUKI Boulevard C50/C50T (All Model Years, 2005-2019) • SUZUKI Volusia 800...
  3. HELP!
    Bike threw a code: C14 Here's what happened: Bought the bike. Needed a new throttle body. Bought one from ebay. Swapped the throttle body. It was working great. Then on a ride, it was like it wasnt getting fuel. Checked it out and it threw a bunch of codes. The old Throttle body was fixed, so...
  4. N00be Questions
    Does anyone know what front forks I can use from different model of Suzuki on my 05 C90
  5. General Motorcycle Discussion
    Hi.. I'm looking to purchase a 2008 suzuki boulevard. The vehicle is very clean. Do you think it's a good purchase ?Should I go for it? The bike has 10,000 miles on it. Please let me know.! Any advice would be welcome. Thanks!
  6. General Motorcycle Discussion
    As I mentioned in my New Member introduction, I inherited a rather poorly stored C50 from my father which I've recently begun to repair. I've already replaced the starter and battery, and still need to put in a new fuel pump assembly and fuel gauge. I thought I was going to have an issue getting...
  7. Custom Mods
    Hello all, this is my first post here at the forum. I have been lurking a while but wanted to share a video of how i converted my headlight to a HogWorkz Daymaker. I got the general idea for using a jeep headlight mounting ring from another forum member's post (sorry don't remember who, its...
  8. HELP!
    I have a 2007 Suzuki Boulevard C50T that I just had the engine replaced. Found out that the rear injector was only firing every once in a while. Checked the injectors, also, switched them, both are working fine. Checked the wiring, even jumped the wire, everything is good. Checked ECU and even...
1-12 of 12 Results