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So most definitely not to everyone's tastes as there are alot of shiney prestige bikes here but when I brought mine it had a few battle scars so I decided back in 2011 that I'd bobber so that's what I did and was quite happy with the results. Used it for a while after that and then it just stayed in the shed. I did then decide to sell a couple of years ago and it sold on eBay but classic, sorry message I didn't know you were the other side of the country so fell through and sat in the shed again. Kinda fell out of love with it.
However I'd being looking on Pinterest as really liked the cafe racer builds people were doing with all sorts of base bikes so again thought I'd sell the vl800 and get something I could turn into a cafe racer.

Then I thought why don't I cafe racer the vl800?

Had a look for some inspiration where people had done this before with a vl800 and to be fair pickings where slim. The only one I found was on you tube. Nice bike and the tank had been changed for a slimmer tank. It's a cafe racer so it needed to be slim but I wanted to keep my tank even if it doesn't quite meet the full cafe racer style. And to be fair there seems to be alot of names banded about for different styles, you have of course got the bobber, the brat, the tracker, the chopper and the list goes on.

So don't know if it necessarily fits anywhere in the above so I've decided to create a new one to describe this.

It was a bobber. It's now leaning towards a cafe racer so.
Cafe racer + Bobber = Clobber

Anyway point of the post was to show where I was with it as a bobber and where it's currently at. Hoping to have it ridable for the summer.

And again I know there are alot of people with super clean bikes this it aint.

This is me in my shed usually working with the attitude of I'll just bodge this for now and get it going and on the road and I'll then do it properly. (I NEVER WILL)

Original build bobber style

VL800 Bobber video


And now





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I like both builds you do nice work. I actually prefer the first one . It is, as my grandson would describe......... a crusty ride. Both get a (y)from me. Keep the shiny side up dude.

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Love it. Did you use the stock exhaust? How did you get the slip-ons to work?
Sorry been away for a while. Yes stock pipes, there really narrow so used a couple of crush gaskets to bring the size up to same as the slip on diameter