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GL 800 Intruder
In 2014 I bought a 74 Panhead that had been left to the elements from a local MC clubhouse with the intentions of restoring it. Once my excitement wore off and i took a more realistic look at it, I came to terms with the fact that I did not have the time, tools or know how to accomplish that. But for 1000 bucks i couldn't pass it up. So I ended up trading it to a buddy for a couple of early 80's Virago's that I did know what to do with. He ended up in the same boat and sold it to some guy, and i fixed up the viragos. Fast forward a year, I'm trying to sell these now finished bikes when I come across this Intruder on a local biker fb page. I call the guy up and take a look at it. I told him I wanted it and gave him a down payment but said i wanted to sell at least one of my bikes before I brought it home because i didnt have any room for it. That night, someone offers me some cash and a Matco 3 bank tool chest for one. I have no use or space for such a large box, but of shits and giggles I ask the guy with the Intruder if he wanted it, which he was all about. So i go out and pick this toolbox up with this guy, only to find out on the ride out there that he was the guy my buddy sold the Panhead to. Long story short, Small world and I got the bike for a toolbox.
1997 Volusia GL 800 Intruder (Black/red)



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