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Touring package
Bought this bike used in 2009 with 1800 miles. Have added a few things (see below) but it's mostly stock without radical mods.
2007 Suzuki C50T (Black)


Replaced stock tires at about 10k miles with Metzler 880 WWW. I liked the wide white walls so went with them again. I have almost 10k on the new tires and they are hardly worn. Still keeping with Metzler, but they discontinued the 880 so going with 888 WWW.
Drilled four holes in each exhaust to add a bit deeper sound - will most likely leave it at that. Did my first valve adjustment at about 7800 miles. It was a pain, but am proud to do it myself and know it is done right and save some $$$.
Made my own plexiglass lowers with plans from this forum. The really help to keep the wind off your chest and prevent helmet buffeting. Added some freeway bar chaps 12/2010 custom designed by Sagebrush Designs. They work great! Added some plexiglass hand guards to block some of the cold wind on my hands (2012)
Am in the process of moving my helmet lock to a more convenient location. I'm thinking about putting it on the sissy bar just above where the saddle bags are so I can lay the helmet on the saddle bag and lock it down. Added a simple plastic "Cramp Buster" paddle to help relax my throttle hand. Added some footpegs to the highway bars. Added a backrest from Grasshopper Unlimited, man I like that! Added a tank bib that I got from someone on this forum.
Wheel and Tire
I bought a Blueant F4 bluetooth communication system for my helmet. It allows use of my cell phone (which I rarely answer anyway) and my iPod touch. It is nice at times to have some tunes for a long trip. I have a buddy I ride with and he has the same system so we can talk to each other up to about 1/4 mile apart. I also added a RAM mount and power supply to support a GPS. Updated my F4 to a F5 in 2015, as did my buddies I ride with. Voice command help and other features - they work well. Added a PRO Audio headset to a new Shoei GT-Air helmet, man do they sound good - way better than the standard headset gear!



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