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I DO NOT name my vehicles.
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Vehicle Name I DO NOT name my vehicles.
Year 2001
Make Volusia
Model VL800
Color Black & White "Skunk"
2001 Volusia VL800
2001 Volusia VL800 2001 Volusia VL800
History I'm he second owner. Previous rider put just 7K on it in 15 years.
2001 Volusia VL800 Bodywork 2001 Volusia VL800 Bodywork 2001 Volusia VL800 Bodywork
Been adding small accessories as I have gotten to know the bike better.
>Bought a chrome radiator cover here on the forum to dress up the front a bit.
>Also picked up a larger set of highway bars. The OEM ones wouldn't protect squat.
>Got rid of the passenger seat and pegs. Installed a fender cover and solo rack
>Added a Mustang Tank Bib (more for looks than function)
Winter 2016
> Just bought a windscreen and lowers from a local forum member. Will install during the down season. Summer 2017: Installed the windscreen and lowers. BIG difference!

Just bought a DJ Drive from Corey on this Forum, will be installing it at the May 8th Wrench Party.
> Installed and what a difference. Easier riding and better cruising

2001 Volusia VL800 Suspension
> Added 4" Risers w/1" pull back. BIG difference in comfort! They put me in the "right" riding position.

Wheels and Tires
>Looking to get a set of Michelin Commanders in the spring.

Creature Comforts
2001 Volusia VL800 Creature Comforts
>Added a set of OEM bags to the bike. Really wanted to keep the stripped down look, but couldn't carry squat with me.
>Bought a nice used Mustang Seat for it here on the Forum. Big upgrade on comfort.
>Added ISO grips and a Throttle Boss. No more numb hands on long rides.

>Added a Stebel air horn. GET THIS HORN! Freaking loud and scares the sh*t out of people. They WILL know you're there
>Got a set of OEM aux lights for another VR member. More lights the better!
>Installed a Vololights license plate frame. Check it out on the web. Flashes on deceleration
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