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: 2003 volusia 800

06-10-2019, 03:01 PM
I just acquired this bike, and they drilled holes into the baffles and it does that popping noise. I cant stand it. So, If I pull the baffles out of the pipes, do I need to do jets? Or can you just adjust the idle and air/fuel screw? Also would like to put a k&n filter as well.

06-10-2019, 03:18 PM
If you put in a K&N, you will have to rejet. Period.

Pulling the baffles will only make the bike sound like a loud wet fart. It is not pleasant.

06-11-2019, 05:54 AM
My bike pops on decel all the time. I have come to love/embrace it. Maybe you can find a set of baffles here (a lot of people remove them) or you might consider new pipes. My son just picked up an '12 C50 with Cobras on it. I must tell you that it sounds really nice! It has a nice deep, throaty, rumble. Not obnoxiously loud, but certainly not quiet either.