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: Custom Power Commander Tune.

02-16-2017, 10:03 AM
So im really excited my bike goes in on Friday to get a custom map and dyno tune. while the map i got from the web is good it does have some lack luster flat spot and the occasional stumble. I don't even think i will care if i gain power but if it just smooths out the whole power band i will be thrilled. Well once i get the numbers i will post them up here.
This will be on an 08 M50 with naked jugs conversion, V&H Straightshots W/ baffles and a Power Commander III.

02-16-2017, 10:24 AM
Most people have reported between 46-48 HP (around 10% gain) and between 44-46 torque with the mods you've mentioned. It will be neat to see if yours falls in line with what others have seen in the past.

02-16-2017, 10:33 AM
Does any one have a dyno sheet of a bone stock M50?

02-16-2017, 10:58 AM

02-16-2017, 11:09 AM
Awesome im stoked cant wait to see the results ill see if the place im going to will put the progress on the web they do that sometimes if they do ill add a link here.

02-23-2017, 10:03 AM
Well i am happy to report that not only did it exceeded my expectations on HP and Torque but the smoothness of the rides is where i feel the real gain. No flat spots not pops but just smooth performance no matter where you are. (I will report MPG numbers when i start with a fresh tank(and i will have to cause i almost ran the thing dry last night)). Not to mention the tone the bike makes now is beautiful. Well enough talking just post the numbers already......

02-23-2017, 11:53 AM
So you got 5 extra HP and 6 extra torque. Pretty much right in line with what others have reported. You've benefited from the custom map too, which helps.

As for your MPG, it will suffer. It always will, because you're using more fuel to generate more power.

I had pretty much the same results when I did the same to my C50. It wasn't earth shatteringly faster, but the throttle response was snappier and it was more fun to ride. The downside was my MPGs dropped into the low 40s.

02-23-2017, 12:59 PM
Wont be much of a noticeable difference and will likely lead to engine failure sooner than a stock one,

02-23-2017, 02:02 PM
I don't know about it affecting engine longevity, but I do agree that it isn't much of a noticeable difference. It is easy to spend upwards of $1200 or more for pipes, intake and processor to net really small gains. To each their own.