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Mark2112 03-27-2019 08:43 AM

It's battery time
It's time for a battery. After my bike sits for a week or so I have a bit of a weak start but after that it starts just fine. I figure the battery is
getting tired. I'm almost positive that is has the original OEM from Suzuki in it since when I bought the bike when it had only 4000 miles on it five
years ago and I've never replaced it yet (It is a 2008 model). Little confused at all the battery choices, looking for a bit of input. Seen Yuasa, bikemaster, motobatt, AGM types and Gel. What do you all think?

Skrapiron 03-27-2019 08:48 AM

The bike uses a sealed lead acid 12-BS battery. The brand is somewhat irrelevant, unless you want something exotic. A gel or AGM (absorbed glass mat) type battery is required as there is no vent or drain for a standard lead acid battery to release hydrogen gas when charging, or to drain acid in the event of an over-charge.

I just get mine at Autozone. Nothing special to them.

UNLESS YOU WANT SOMETHING EXOTIC ----- There are lithium Iron Phosphate batteries on the market which are substantially smaller and lighter. They are also three times the price of a standard battery and when they fail, they fail with no warning.

RWhitehosue 03-27-2019 02:33 PM

As said, a sealed battery is the only requirement. You can spend as little as about $20 on a cheapo ebay battery (wouldn't recommend), up to about $200 for an Odyssey (pricey, but they last forever- I had one that was 8 years old in my Vmax and it still load tested as new, and would crank over that big high compression V4 in the dead of winter like nothing). I've run the $20-30 cheapo's in the past, ehh, I mean they'll work but I noticed they tend to have a quite low capacity. As in they'll crank the engine over fine and have ok cranking amps, but if it doesn't start in the first couple tries, it rapidly craps out. They also tend to have higher than average self discharge rates. Let them sit for a few weeks and they're half dead.

The parts store batteries are fine. Yuasa is OE fitment for most Japanese bikes, hard to go wrong there. You can get them online for a substantial savings versus a dealership.

I've never had good luck with Walmart's batteries in anything. I call them the NeverStarts. I'd get a year or two at best out of them in my truck. They always seemed to crap out juuuust outside the warranty period, and when one failed in the warranty period it was pulling teeth to get them to honor it.

The lithium batteries are an option but as said they're quite expensive, and really only useful if weight saving is a priority. They tend to be found mostly in small dual sports or enduros. They also don't work well in the cold. Losing 3lbs off the battery will make an ant fart in tornado's worth of difference on a C50.

Mark2112 04-08-2019 10:13 AM

This is what I wound up with. Fast shipping ready to plug & play.

purplenova 04-24-2019 11:40 AM


Originally Posted by Mark2112 (Post 5042936)
This is what I wound up with. Fast shipping ready to plug & play.

Hows that battery working for you - I also need a replacement and don't really want to spend the 88.00
the dealership is asking. Also - is the battery the correct size? and, looks like there is the standard nut inside
the battery post, is that correct? Doesnt look like the post itself is threaded.

Skrapiron 04-24-2019 12:03 PM


Originally Posted by Mark2112 (Post 5042936)
This is what I wound up with. Fast shipping ready to plug & play.

I would be leery about the durability and longevity of a $39 battery. I looked on their website and they claim to only supply batteries manufactured to US standards, but are not forthcoming on where the cells originate. Given that this is selling for less than half price of other competitive batteries and its unknown origin, I would not expect much from it. Who knows? I could be wrong and we found an inexpensive alternative to $100 batteries. Then again, I could catch a unicorn in my dragon trap too...

scorpion46 04-25-2019 02:43 AM

Don't cheap out on something that may leave you stuck in the middle of no-where.


Capt Cruiser 04-25-2019 05:12 AM

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Lithium batteries scare the bejesus out of me now.

The ones I have are stored in special fiberglass fireproof bags, which are then stored in ammo cans.

I would never put one on my bike and leave it unattended on a charger. The fire below is from a lithium battery that was in a rechargable snow blower. While it was discharging while not being used it had a thermal runaway.

Did I mention I hate lithium batteries....

Mark2112 04-25-2019 09:52 AM

Time will tell I suppose. If I get a couple of years out of it for $39 I won't complain. However, what I thought was the original OEM battery when I pulled
the old one out it was a Wal-Mart battery. It's a 2008 and I bought the bike in 2014 so I am guessing the Wal-Mart made it 6 years.

scorpion46 04-25-2019 10:01 AM

That is about the extent of their life anymore.

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