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Jdimmy 04-23-2019 08:06 AM

I just bought a 2007 C50C with less than 6k miles. However, it still has original tires. I do little highway riding. Mostly pleasure riding with plenty of curves. Any suggestions on good tires to have if I get a little aggressive? It seems to be a hard habit to break.

bbqjoe 04-23-2019 09:06 AM

Those tires are wayyyyy too old.
You shouldn't even look at them, let alone have them on a bike, let alone ride on them.

Search around here, there's a million threads on tires.

bbqjoe 04-23-2019 09:48 AM

Here's a fun little demo for you.

Get a piece of paper.
Now get a brand new pencil, make a mark on the paper, and erase it.
Works pretty good, huh?

Now go look in an abandoned drawer and find a really old pencil, and do the same thing.
Those are your tires.

Skrapiron 04-23-2019 09:58 AM

My personal choice for tires is Metzler. Avon, Michelin and Bridgestone also make very good tires for the C50. Dunlop, Shinko and Kenda are budget brand tires what may or may not last very long.

Ask yourself this: Is my life insurance paid up?

Your tires are 12 years old. Do you really want to rely on 12 year old rubber to not blow out unexpectedly and lead to a catastrophic wreck? Get new tires NOW.

Jdimmy 04-23-2019 10:21 AM

Yep. The plan is new tires today. Just looking for good handling tire recommendations before I'm sold something I wouldn't like.

Jdimmy 04-23-2019 10:22 AM

Perfect analogy!

Skrapiron 04-23-2019 10:35 AM

if your local shop has them, get the Metzler ME880 or the Michelin Commander 2. Don't balk at the price tag, these are the best MC tires on the market. If they don't have them, order them in. Dunlop D404 are common tires that most dealers keep in stock. I would not put them on my mother-out-law's wheel chair, they are that awful.

Jeffrobombero 04-23-2019 10:36 AM

My Bridgestone Spitfire IIs have held up great, but I don't put very many miles on my bike. I need to replace them even though they still have a ton of tread left. They are just getting too old.

scorpion46 04-23-2019 11:11 AM

I've heard nothing but glowing reviews on the new Metzler tire for cruisers. I can't think of the exact name, but they are suppose to be fantastic according to the trial riders.
Don't forget to go easy for atleast the first 100 miles to get the storage chemicals off them.

Whiskey 04-23-2019 11:27 AM

Metzler ME880's are popular for being a good price while still having good functionality. I couldn't get them the last time I bought tires though so I went with the ME888's and was happy with the purchase.

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