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nutz4spd 03-10-2019 08:16 PM

Need some opinions
I'm looking at upgrading from my C50 to a larger bike. Came across a 2008 C109R with a little over 17,xxx on the clock. Good shape. Definitely bigger than mine and even bigger feeling than a C90. How were these bikes in reliability and handling? Any common problems with them? I know the 805cc's tended to have issues with the timing chain guides. Same for the larger bikes?

Whiskey 03-10-2019 08:43 PM

Not sure about reliability, but the 109 is a torque monster. I've never actually seen a C model in real life though, just the M.

FX4 03-10-2019 09:07 PM

They didn't sell really well and were only around for a few years. Take it for a good test ride and make it's a bike you actually want to ride. The M109 is fairly popular and is known to be a beast.

beezer 03-11-2019 04:48 AM

Hard to shift into 2nd gear.

Chedell 03-11-2019 05:47 AM

As Beezer said they grind going into 2nd. They fixed the problem in 2010. I got a 2008 new and it had the problem the day I picked it up. The dealer said it had to break in. (BS) I finally got it rebuilt under warranty at 7000 miles. Suzuki got away without having a recall. They are extremely fast but very heavy.

Jmbrad 03-11-2019 12:32 PM

Unfortunately I don't have any experience with the C109. Wish I did. My local Harley Dealer will not put any used bikes on the sales floor from other manufacturers, but they made an exception for the C109. It's the only one I've seen in person and it's freaking huge!

nutz4spd 03-13-2019 08:16 AM

After doing some research on the C109 I've backed away from it. I'm currently looking at a brand new, never sold, 2017 C90. Either that or an Indian Scout. My first preference is the C90 though. Should know something today. *fingers crossed*

FX4 03-13-2019 08:41 AM

The C90 is a mixed bag. It definitely accomplishes your goal of getting on a larger more powerful bike but different years have different issues. Some guys love them and some hate them. The Indian Scout IMO is a better bike all the way around, but it's also an around town bike. I don't know how big you are but at 6'1" I couldn't see touring on it. I'm sure smaller framed guys would not have an issue. It's Indian's (AKA Polaris Industries) response to the Harley Davidson Sportster. It's generally considered to be a better bike than the Sportster.

Skrapiron 03-13-2019 08:47 AM

You are thinking big bike on a budget. If you are cost sensitive, might I suggest you take a look at the Star 1300? It ticks all the right boxes for size, power, weight and price. Suzuki bikes are good for what they are, but when you move up in class, there are much better.

Whiskey 03-13-2019 08:53 AM

I agree with Skrap. It sounds like you're trying to stay with Suzuki. The C50 is a great starter bike, but the 90 and 109 are a bit lackluster. Yamaha and Kawasaki have better mid to large size cruisers if you're on a budget. Just my opinion of course, but since you asked.

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