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orange barrel - SMASH! guardrail - SMASH!


I thought about you yesterday afternoon for like a nanosecond, Julie! Just before I finally knocked the hell out of one of them orange construction barrels! The start of the guardrail that loomed 10 ft past the barrel didn't leave me much time to enjoy it, though.

Anyways, it went like this...


Me minding my own business on the way back across town after taking my mom to church that morning (I swear! ), and a behemoth of a pickup truck that decided he needed to cross more than one lane of traffic all at once, almost came together. I was in the left lane of a 2 lane decreasing radius ramp coming off US75 north onto Woodall Rogers west, enjoying the hell out of it (but NOT speeding ), and there's 2 lanes from the US75 southbound ramp coming in from the right. Traffic is fairly heavy, but moving at highway speed. Then, I see this nutjob stomping the gas and heading left hard, across at least one lane, but I think two, right towards where I'll be in about 2 seconds. I hit the horn (never felt so impotent in my life!) and the brakes hard at the same time, and moved as far left in my lane as I could, only to see the orange barrel marking the start of the new narrower construction lanes dead ahead. Brace yourself! Smash! Not so bad... oh, ****, guardrail coming! SMASH!!! Ouch. Not so good. But, I'm still rolling!!! But, I can't shift, so any thought of catching the azzwipe is lost, and I can't stop here, and I can't make it to the right across 3 lanes of traffic, but I do make it about another 100 yds ahead to where the contruction ends and the left shoulder is back. Whew. I stop there and assess the damage.

One guy in a car stopped to ask if I got his plate, and when I said no, he took off to try and catch him.

About the time I notice my left saddlebag is nowhere in sight, I see a car has stopped across on the right, and a lady is picking it up from the road. Once I get across to her, she tells me she was behind me, and it hit under the front of her car and was dragging. I gave her my phone number, since the papers were on the bike across the highway, and told her to call me later for my insurance info, since it was my bag that damaged her car.

A passing DFD rescue truck stopped, and even though I didn't need him, the guy got me back across the highway to the bike, and then helped me bend the crash bar back out. It was almost completely folded back, bent up the left floorboard onto the shifter.

I called AAA to come take me home, and then another car stopped, and it was a guy who had not stopped earlier, but had seen it, and went and chased the truck down and got his plate, and went to the trouble to bring it back to me!!!

The cops came and said it wouldn't do any good to file a report, since the guy couldn't be held responsible because he never hit me! WTF?! Anyone ever heard of that? The FD guy told me the same thing. I'm checking into it.

AAA screwed me! After an hour and a half on the side of the road after an accident, in the middle of a big city, in the middle of the afternoon, after 4 calls from me to them to get an answer, they finally told me it would be another hour before anyone could get to me. F that and AAA, too, as far as I'm concerned. I didn't even think to try Progressive. By that time, I had the shifter pedal bent where I could shift gears, had got it started, and decided to ride that puppy home. Which I did, looking funny, I'm sure, with the left boot up on the way bent back bar with hanging peg, and having to reach my foot over the bar to downshift, and back around behind the bent up floorboard to upshift. I was a bit nervous about highway speed, but by the time I got to the first place I had any choice, she seemed stable, so I stuck to the highway back to Irving, and limped to the house.

I got a $500 deductible, so after adding up my losses to bars, bag, windshield, light, speaker, etc., I guess I'll file it and see what I get. I hope they can help me track this sucker down and hold him responsible. If not, I may check into small claims court, if my witness is willing. And I hope that the lady I gave my number to finally calls me back! She said she hated for me to have to be liable, but I'd be glad to use my insurance for her car, especially if she can be a second witness. I hope she calls, but either way, my hat's off to her, to.

After taking a good look at the bike when I got home, I'm still not sure why my left leg isn't smashed, or at least my foot. It's sore from the kneecap to the toes, contusion on the side of the knee, a little swollen at the ankle, but it's better today than yesterday.

One buttlick, three very good people, rode it home, walking on my left leg today = life is good. Thanks to everyone already and in advance for the well wishes. The details are as much for reminding myself later as anything else. Thanks for listening.

I told Delo last night, it's like I said recently about dying from cholesterol... if it ever happens to me, and they say it was because I ate pork of some kind for breakfast every morning, just know that it's been worth it! same with the bike.

If anyone who went to the cycle show Sunday afternoon saw a bike sitting in the median of WR about 3pm, yep, that was me! I admit, in all that time, I was disappointed only one bike stopped. Won't keep me from stopping next time I see one on the side, though, just like I did early that morning. There's more good than bad out there, I'm STILL convinced.
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Notorious ending to a day with Mom at church!



Busy... counting my blessings....
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Dude, that's one wild story. Glad to hear your all in one piece.
How's it feel to be "battle" tested, and a survivor?

Hey dude, what the f**k's happening?
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Wow! Glad you're ok and hope all works out well with the insurance.

Nan aiya na yukpa achukma !
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Glad to hear it wasn't any worse Mightydog!

Now, go and enjoy some fishsticks...

Carl - 2005 C50T => 2006 C90 => 2008 Harley FLHTP (103 ci / 6-Speed / ABS)

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Dang Mightydog, that's a crazy story. I was heading to the bike show on Saturday around noon and people drive crazy down there. Glad you are not hurt too bad. If I can do anything for you, please let me know.

I think I have a shifter if you need it.

-Jim Baldwin
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I glad you were able to post that as a first hand account...well not that you got to post it (sorry it happened to you) but that you got to post it (in that it did happen to you but you survived and are still with us healthy and happy)

You did what? To who? For how many cookies?
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That sux fish sticks!! hope the insurance tracks down the guy ...

Healing Karma going out to ya ~ !

sounds like ya might need a fresh ride bell or two (& some clean drawers!) I think any you may have had just done their job & have expired!

♣ BSIS - Magna Cum Laude ♣ NSCS ♣ Alpha Chi ♣

♣ Former VR Skunk Brigade ♣ VA PGR District 6 ♣

=iii=< It's O.K. ~ I'm with the band! >=iii=

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Thanks y'all.

Jim, is that a heel/toe? I'm spoiled, ya know. I think this one will be okay. It got me home, so I think it just needs final straightening.

And you're right... they do drive crazy down in there. It used to skeer the chit outta me, but once I got used to it, I kinda enjoy slicing thru there, since I know the lanes and traffic patterns, etc. It's just some nut like this that can't ever be predicted. One of these days, I'm going to get me a "thru the belly of the beast" video that's not shaky and clear enuf to post.

Chris, don't work up a sweat! I know what you mean!
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Originally Posted by Redzdvl
sounds like ya might need a fresh ride bell or two (& some clean drawers!) I think any you may have had just done their job & have expired!
i hadn't thought of that! i think i've got like 7 of them on there, and i guess i needed them all! i think they're all still there, too. i'll have to check that! thanks!
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